Dust sealing Cloth

The dust sealing cloth provides protection against noise, dust and corrosion. The resulting wear of installations and machinery will be significantly reduced and therefore decreases the number of repairs and maintenance costs. The health risk will be minimized by sealing of installations with dust sealing systems. It is offered in two different qualities: Standard and heat resistant.


Special charateristics

  • Protection against health risks

  • Reduction of dust and noise

  • Reduction of wear and corrosion

  • Uncomplicated mounting with steel profiles

  • Elasticity of dust sealing cloth provides resistance to vibrations

Typical applications

    • Screening media

    • Chutes

    • Crushers

    • Telescopic chutes

    • Plant parts

    • Mobile plants




    Heat resistant


    Article number





    40 ± 5

    50 ± 5

    Shore A

    Tensile strength

    min. 17

    min. 10


    Elongation at break

    min. 550

    min. 450


    Tear resistance

    min. 60

    min. 30


    Operational temperature

    -40 to +70

    -20 to +100


    Cutting and mounting

    Cutting the dust sealing material to the right size and the matching grip strips and mounting corners can also be offered.