Skånes Tranportbandsvulk AB and the LUTZE Group signed an agreement.

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Skånes Tranportbandsvulk AB and the LUTZE Group signed on June 22, 2021, an agreement to acquire the shares of Skånes Tranportbandsvulk AB.


“Transferring the business to Lutze was like coming home. The values in the companies are the same and both parties share the view that the staff is the most important resource for serving customers with what they want. Together with Lutze, we want to develop confectionary and customization on the light conveyor belt side. "With its representation across Scandinavia, Lutze will broaden the contact areas with existing and new customers," says Tommy Kulla and Jiri Privora, owners of Skåne's tranportbandsvulk AB.

Skånes Tranportbandsvulk AB is a fine and well-run company. That together with their experienced and competent staff being able to assemble belts here will give our customers a fantastic service. - Dennis Johansson / Lutze.

Lutze Group is one of northern Europe's leading suppliers of conveyor belts, wear protection, sight media and service to companies that handle bulk materials. The Company is represented by more than in 40 locations in 6 countries.

For further information please contact:

Tommy Kulla, Skånes Tranportbandsvulk +46 4255277
Jiri Privora, Skånes Tranportbandsvulk +46 4255277
Dennis Johansson, Lutze Group, +46 708 959425