LMS Modular Wear Protection

The modular wear protection solution for many applications

he LMS modular wear protection from Lutze is a solution to protect your systems from wear caused by strong exposure to abrasive materials.

The modules have a trapezoidal shape to minimize washout at the joints of each module and a dimension of 250/500 mm x 500 mm.

The LMS system is available in various interchangeable materials:

  • Wear rubber LMS-RU
  • Polyurethane LMS-PU
  • Polyethylene LMS-PE
  • Ceramic/Rubber LMS-PC

LMS Dimensions

For mechanical fastening of the modules (through bolts), 3 fastening holes are already inserted at the specified distance.

LMS Corner elements

To reduce caking, corner strips made of polyurethane or polyethylene can be used.

Advantages of the LMS wear protection modular system

Benefit Argument
Long service life leads to increased plant availability Highly wear-resistant materials (rubber, ceramic/rubber, polyurethane) can be combined for optimized wear resistants. Absorption of impact energies, less caking (corner elements) Trapezoidal shape reduces wear (washouts) at the joints.
Reduction of operating costs Replacement only selectively due to uniform module size, reduction of warehousing, optimal wear protection with wear indicator (signal layer) > Plannable maintenance
Easy replacement of wear modules Due to standardized module size, selectively replacement (main wear point) of the LMS modules is possible.
Less caking Less cleaning work due to the use of corner elements
Easy installation, No drawings necessary One module size. Easy to adapt on site during installation. Sales of "LMS packages"