Ceramic wear protection


High wear-resistant ceramic elements embedded in special rubber with a contact layer.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for highly abrasive materials such as cement, glass, quartz, coal, coke, slag, ores and sinter
  • Long service life and thereby long maintenance intervals
  • Simple bonding


  • Lining of chutes and gullies
  • Pipes and elbows
  • Bunkers and classifiers
  • Vibrating conveyor chutes
  • Cyclones


Pulley lagging

High wear-resistant ceramic elements with profiled rough surface structure, embedded in special rubber, with contact layer.


  • Maximum grip
  • For extremely wet applications
  • At high transport speeds
  • Flexible and long service life
  • Simple bonding  


  • Drum occupancies in steel mills, coal mines, cement plants and port facilities
  • In extremely wet conditions, dirt and mud
  • In problem cases where default coatings do not achieve the desired results