Belt cleaning

With its many years of experience, LUTZE you’re bound to find the right equipment for your application in the company’s  wide range of wiper systems:


  • Bars wiper (also made from LUWITAN)
  • Blade cleaner
  • Inner belt cleaner
  • Cleaning brushes

Our product specialists will advise you on the solution to your individual belt cleaning tasks and introduce you to the current systems. For installation and maintenance, LUTZE specialist fitters are available from any location.


LUWITAN head scrapers

Cleaning system which is mounted in front of the conveyor head. The hardness and execution of the LUWITAN scraper bar ensures that pressure, as well as the wear behavior, is optimized.



  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Scraper bar available in different hardnesses
  • Pre-tension quickly changeable without tools
  • Cleaning in seconds by simply folding down
  • Components for different beltwidths identical
  • Pre-tension generates the PU scraper bar without additional clamping device
  • Optimal functionality
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Maximum reliability



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