Our extensive range of conveyor belt accessories from the carrier role to the repair material ensures a long life for your conveyors.

Our application engineers are happy to provide you with expert advice on site. In addition, we offer all the other accessories that you need for smooth plant operation.


For example

Mechanical connector
Mechanical fasteners are a useful addition to vulcanized compounds. They are quick to implement and belt equipped with mechanical fasteners can thus be issued (also) by the plant operator as "emergency belt" at a major facility. At the next plant shutdown this belt can then be put back into reserve and replaced by a continuously vulcanized belt.

  • Made of steel, with a connecting rod
  • Hooked design
  • Suitable for riveting
  • Suitable for screws
  • Made of rubber

Six zag steel brackets for belt thicknesses of 2.5-20 mm

Electrical components for control and monitoring

  • Ripcord
  • Emergency stop
  • Misalignment monitor


Protective cover

As weathering and corrosion protection. But also to protect the environment and against emissions. To prevent accidents and to protect against contamination of the transported goods. Material and design adapted to the different conditions.


Vulcanizing tool

We are happy to help if you are looking for tools and special belt adjustment devices. Benefit from our experience and let us advise you through our product specialists.



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