Rubber conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts are used in the bulk material and unit load handling, also as process belts, for example in the gypsum industry as plasterboard-belts.

LUTZE offers a complete, high-quality sling system. The assembly takes place in modern workshops at each site.The pooling of expertise is increasingly taking place in the newly created “plant 3” in Einbeck.

We keep the most common types of belt in stock for our customers. It goes without saying that we are happy to provide specialist advice on product selection and belt dimension design.. Our staff members are available across all locations for installation and the endless splicing procedure.


We offer belts with matching performance spectrums for a range of different requirements:

  • Smooth, in various textile assemblies and qualities
  • Steel fabric and steel cord belts
  • Retractable belts and pipes
  • Profiled belts
  • Ready-made belts, sidewall belts, cleated belts, etc.


We also supply special belts and special models, such as:

  • Plaster board belts
  • Sandblasting belts
  • Feeder belts for woodworking equipment
  • Aquamator belts
  • Magnetic separation belts / non-separation belt
  • Sidewalls and shaft box straps
  • Endless belts for highly stressed applications
  • Steep conveyors with individual PU studs
  • Belts with PU spray-coated cover plate
  • Belts with EPP fabric
  • Rubber filter belts