Rollers and drums

Lutze Conveying offers solutions for various usage conditions:

  • OB/UB- idlers
  • Task-roller pads
  • Support ring rolls
  • Special rolls
  • Guide rollers
  • Snub, pressure rollers
  • Garland roles 2/3/5- piece
  • Flex roller (elastic garlands)


Our application engineers are happy to provide you with expert advice on site.


  • Roll of tightly sheath-tolerated special steel conveyor roller
  • Welded bearing holder with calibrated bearing seat
  • Precision-deep groove ball bearings with permanent lubrication
  • Multiple labyrinth seal with end cap
  • Internal shaft and maintenance-free permanent lubrication
  • Primer or powder coating
  • Axles with flattening (SW) external thread, internal thread, spring axis
  • Special synthetic designs


LUTZE carries a wide range of belt stations

  • Upper belt stations
  • Upper belt garlands
  • Sub-belt stations
  • Sub-belt garlands
  • Upper belt steering stations


Sub-belt steering stations

Flat belt stations 


  • Welded construction
  • Painted, galvanized or powder coated
  • Threshold U 60 / U 100/flat
  • 10-30 ° troughed
  • 2-piece/3-piece
  • Powder-coated 


Castors (mechanical)

Before considering the use of steering and centering stations, you should try to fix the cause of the belt misalignment . We are happy to advise you.