Molded parts

Our high production standards and careful selection of raw materials used by us enables the cost-effective production of LUWITAN moldings, be it coatings or pure molded parts in small or large batches.

We act in a cost-oriented, quality-conscious manner right from the components’ planning phase. In this context, the option of manufacturing the customers' own molds naturally also exists.

The following are some examples of the industries we serve:


Ceramic industry

  • Forming pins for tiles and glazed tiles 
  • Molds for isostatic pressing
  • Elements for separation systems


Automotive supply industry

  • Friction rollers for internal transport
  • Bending deposits for the forming of hollow sections
  • Damping elements
  • Various semi-finished products such as round material, springs, sheet goods, dies


Machinery and equipment

  • Springs and dampers
  • Grippers for robots
  • Form and stop bars
  • Screw conveyor
  • Separator beams
  • Seals


Wastewater technology

  • Molded parts for centrifuges
  • Wipers and slides
  • Screens


Paper industry

  • Friction elements


Our quality promise

We make very certain that the material processing is in compliance with the various processing times. The period of time (pot life) within which the material must be brought into the mold amounts to between two and ten minutes, depending on the formula, starting with the contact of the components and lasting until the setting process starts. In this case, the casting is generally carried out directly from the mixing head of the machine into the mold. Depending on the component, the geometry and the chosen LUWITAN quality, the demolding process can take between a few minutes and a few hours. After demolding, the PU components must be tempered. Different annealing times and cycles are observed depending on the quality. After the annealing process,  a small increase in the physical properties can still be achieved by storing the castings at ambient temperature over a 14-day period. Production is constantly checked for visual defects and hardness variations, so that in the case of deviations necessary action can be taken immediately. Furthermore, test plates of each formula processed are cast and archived at each casting unit daily. These allow a retrospective review of the physical values of a particular production batch.

Over half of all manufactured components made of LUWITAN are coatings. For this technology, we direct our utmost attention to the bond between our LUWITAN and the coating carrier (core). With lab tests, experiments with our customers, and our own test setups, we have continued to develop our coating technology. Not least for this reason, today we coat wood, other plastics or even rubber in addition to the usual metallic materials.

The provision of the cores can be performed from the customer side or we can take over the production or procurement of cores according to your drawings. To coat your parts with LUWITAN, different methods are used. Usually the coating is carried out in open or closed molds. In addition, we offer the possibility of spin coating, as in the case of pipelines and vessels.

In addition, we also manufacture coatings using the spray process. Our LUWISPRAY product range covers a Shore hardness of 75 Shore A to 60 Shore D.