Plastics technology

We offer state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in the field of polyurethane moldings and LUWITAN coatings. With six modern casting systems, we can produce parts and series products from a few grams to several hundred kilograms. LUWITAN is our proprietary name for hot casting polyurethane in the hardness of 45 Shore A to 72 Shore D. In particular, we’d like to highlight the following specific properties of our LUWITAN product: excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile resistance, highly absorbent, extremely elastic and resistant to aging, hydrolysis and oil and grease.  


We are at your disposal with numerous solutions and products in the field of plastics technology. Find out more about our range of services for various applications.

Do you know LUWITAN?

LUWITAN is a product name that numerous LUTZE customers have already adopted in their established use of language at work. Again and again customers ask: "What does LUWITAN actually mean?" 

LUWITAN is the LUTZE product name for polyurethane systems that are used for moldings and wear protective coatings. It was first developed by Heinz Lutze senior in 1965 in the wake of a  request by a large conveyor belt customer for roll coatings of polyurethane (PU) when he, together with the engineer M. Winkler, sought a way to manufacture them himself. Soon a successful system was developed to which the two developers lent their names: "LU" as shorthand for Lutze, "WI" for Winkler. Finally, "TAN" was added based on the final syllable of "polyurethane".   LUWITAN stands for individual PU solutions to a range of different chemical bases. The registered brand name gives LUTZE the freedom to select its own formulae for modular polyurethane materials and optimally match these to the respective application without having to depend on raw material suppliers.