LUCON conveyor belts

Rubber conveyor belts

  • 500 – 1400 mm width
  • Molded rubber edges or cut edges


  • NQ – Normal quality
  • MOR – Moderate oil and fat resistance
Constructions rubber covers
EP 400/3 4:2
EP 500/3 5:2
EP 500/4 6:2
EP 630/4 8:3
EP 800/4  
EP 1.000/4  

Special belts

For example:

  • Sandblasting belts
  • Plaster board belts (also known as setting belts)
  • Feeder belts for woodworking equipment
  • Aquamator belts
  • Magnetic sepration belts / NE-separation belts
  • Sidewall belts
  • Endless belts for highly stressed applications
  • Rubber filter belts

repair and splicing material

Chemical substances

Repaschol 178B

two-component glue for cold-bonding of rubber

Application examples Container sizes
Cold splicing 300g can + 23g bottle (hardener)
Repair patches 650g can + 50g bottle (hardener)
Rubber lagging 4kg bucket + 320g bottle (hardener)
Pulley lagging 170kg barrel + 48 x 320g bottles (hardener)

Repaschol 181 GPV

two-component glue for cold-bonding of PVC and PU

Application examples Container sizes
Cold splices of (PVC) 650g can + 50g bottle (hardener)
Light Weight Conveyor belts  
LUWITAN plate lagging  

Vulkaschol 951

universal rubber solution for hot vulcanization of steelcord and fabric conveyor belts made of normal quality rubber (NQ and Y)

Application examples Container sizes
Hot vulcanization 650g can
  20kg bucket

steelprimer 140

primer for metal surfaces, before applying cold-bond glue

Application examples Container sizes
Rubber lagging 700g can
Pulley lagging  

Lutze Cleaner

is used to prepare surfaces that will be bonded. Removes oils, greases and dirt from rubber, plastics and metal surfaces

Application examples Container sizes
Surface cleaning 500ml can
  1500ml can
  25l hobbock



for rubber conveyor belts and industrial rubber

Application examples Container sizes
· repairing surface damages and complete holes of fabric and steel cord conveyor belts 50ml double cartridge
· compatible with all common scraper and belt cleaning systems 400ml double cartridge
· covering mechanical fasteners 1500ml double cartridge
· restoring extremely stressed areas  
· sealing plate seams of installed linings  


SuperScrew Evolution/SuperScrew Classic

This innovative splicing system is being screwed into the belt and can also be used by end customers themselves.

MiniRecord MR

Mechnical fastener made from metal as an alternative to common variations.


Hot splicing material  
Unvulcanized cover rubber · normal quality
· 2,3 and 4mm thickness
· 60mm width
Unvulcanized adhesion rubber · normal quality
· 0,6mm thickness
· 580mm width
Pressure fabric
· 1200mm width
· minimum quantity: 10meters
· re-usable
Silicone paper · one-sided silicone layer
· 1000mm width
· minimum quantity: 20meters
· one-time use only


All wear protection material can be cut to size using our water jet systems according to customer specifications and drawings.

Wear protection rubber

Hardness Features Application examples
60 ± 5 Shore A · black
· standard version
· protection against abrasion of sharp-edged material
· linings of metal constructions
· lagging of drive pulleys
· lining of sand blasting chambers
45 ± 5 Shore A · red
· protection against abrasion of fine-grained material
· soft rubber version
· linings
· sealings, skirtings, simple scrapers
· lining for sand blasting chambers
· lining of sand blasting chambers

LUWITAN plates

Hardness Features Application examples
70 – 90 Shore A · highly wear resistant
· resistant to most chemicals
· highly stressable to dynamic loads
· resistant to weather
· impact resistant
· sound absorbing
· 1000 x 2000mm standard size
· can be glued or screwed for installation
· lining of hoppers, tanks, slides, transfer stations, vibratory channels
· wear strips in rotary valves
· scraper strips

Polyethylen / PE 1.000

Features Application examples
· low friction – excellent sliding properties
· mostly prevents adhesion of sticky bulk material
· bulk material handling
· lining of transfer stations, silos and hoppers
· truck bed lining
· gypsum industry


Rollers / idlers

  • idlers with wrench size 15mm in available diameters
  • Ø 63,5/89/108mm
  • powder coated RAL3000 (fire red) with 3-way labyrinth sealing
  • lengths: 200 - 1150mm
  • axle-Ø: 20mm


Buffer rings    
Ø 63,5mm Ø 89mm Ø 108mm
108 x 25 A 133 x 30 A 159 x 35 A
120 x 30 A 133 x 40 A 159 x 50 B
133 x 25 A 159 x 30 B  
108 x 40 B 159 x 40 B  
133 x 40 B    

Glide and impact bars

Glide bars

200 x 30 x 1220mm
300 x 30 x 1220mm

Impact bars

100 x 50 x 1220mm
100 x 75 x 1220mm
100 x 50 x 1500mm
100 x 75 x 1500mm

Side sealing

Side sealing

Scraping and skirting rubber

  • used for sealing off the conveyor
  • preventing material of falling into the lower belt 
in stock  
Thicknesses 6, 8, 10, 15, 20mm
Widths 80, 100, 120, 150, 200mm
Hardnesses 45 and 60 Shore A
Lengths 20m per roll

PU sealing

PU sealing

PU Sealing  is more wear resistant than rubber and offers also less friction to the conveyor belt and is more cut-resistant.

Thicknesses 2, 4, 6mm
Widths 100, 150mm
Hardness 85 ± 5 Shore A
Lengths 35, 50, 100m

LUWITAN Hoses and hoppers

For a controlled, targeted transfer of bulk materials, liquids and combinations out of those: e.g. grain, gravel or concrete

  • made of LUWITAN plates (from stock)
  • „seamless“ – no weak points
  • custom made / by drawing of the customer
  • very wear resistant
min. diameter Ø 250mm
max. length 2000mm
max. thickness 10mm


Head scrapers

Under belt scrapers

Cleaning brush

Inner belt scrapers

Drum scraper

Water jet cutting with modern technology

LUTZE offers individual cuts on the highest technical level with its state-of-the-art water jet cutting system. With this technique, clean and precise cuts are possible, even for large thicknesses. Program-controlled cutting ensures that even complicated contours are feasible without subjecting the material to thermal overload. A reworking of the cut edges is eliminated and provides consistent and reproducible quality.

We can cut the following materials for you

  • Rubber (with and without fabric lining) 
  • PU and other polymers
  • Foams
  • Metal (from aluminum to stainless steel) 
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Composites (for example rubber or PU to metal)

Other benefits include optimal material utilization, low mechanical stress on the workpieces, complex contours which cannot be executed by hand and ultra-fast production.

Data transfer
We process and save your drawing data in the following formats

  • dxf (preferred)
  • dwg
  • igs
  • cdl

We are happy to create other formats for you on request. Should you have any digital data, we can create the drawings you require from your templates on request. Please talk to us.