Plaster board belts

for cost-efficient production

The LUTZE Group provides a comprehensive range of conveyor belts, based on expertise gathered from more than 60 years of development, assembly and implementation of in-house knowledge. LUTZE belts and belt systems surpass the requirements for high performance and economy.

The LUTZE Group has branches in 40 locations in Northern Europe, all of which have their own its on-site sales and service units. Our employees are constantly sharing their experience with our customers.

Our rubber plaster board belts, made for the plaster industry, have been established on the market for 30 years and complete our comprehensive range of conveyor belts. The new generation, developed in close collaboration with the plasterboard industry, is used all over the world.


Installation, service and maintenance

The LUTZE plaster board belts are installed worldwide under the watchful eye of our supervisors or by our own service technicians. These are connected in open lengths to your continuous conveyor system on site.

For belts that are already running, we offer to fix possible damage to cover panels and thus extend their operational performance. We can inspect and maintain your belt at our Plant 3 in Einbeck. We have already convinced the majority of the European gypsum industry with our products and services.

We understand that these processing belts are more sensitive to handling than conventional conveyor belts and have trained our employees accordingly.



  • five-layer polyester / polyamide fabric, moisture resistant body made of synthetic fibres
  • tensile strength of 800 N/mm
  • belt width up to 60“ /1524 mm
  • temperature resistant 0 – 40°C
  • belt thickness +/- 14.5 mm
  • shore hardness cover panel 65 A



The cover panels are made of high-quality, specially developed, non-chalky and light-coloured rubber. The cover panels are vulcanised to the carcass through a continuous process.

This guarantees a seamless level surface and eliminates heating transitions, which arise during classical vulcanisation. The established assembly results in minimal stretching and prevents the belt edges from rising up, offering our customers consistent production quality.

High-quality cutting machines guarantee precise straight-line processing. A complete quality assessment of the cover plate is carried out, after completing the conveyor belt.