Vibratory finishing

With LUWISPRAY spray coating, vibratory grinding equipment with a damaged or worn coating can be repaired. Make an appointment for a free review of the system and a measurement of the layer thickness.

During recoating, the submitted tank is initially stripped. The lining is then replaced with LUWISPRAY spray coating or LUWITAN plate material. An outer paintjob is the final step in the reconditioning of your vibratory grinding tank.

Repairs and stratifications are also possible. The prerequisite is that the surface of the old layer coating can be prepared accordingly. A layering can be done using the LUWIREP 85 repair system, with LUWISPRAY or by introducing LUWITAN-plate material.

These repairs can be carried out on site.



Peter Jansen
Technical Application Consultant

Mr. Peter Jansen has product responsibility for the business unit vibratory grinding container, allowing us to expand our service offering with an additional aspect of the layering wear protection division. Mr. Jansen is an experienced expert in this specialized field and is happy to advise with regard to issues of repair or recoating of vibratory grinding containers and related accessories.