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Idlers featuring Ceralast ceramic support rings are proving to be exceptionally durable, outlasting the standard rubber idlers previously used at Ardagh Group's Limmared glass production facility by a staggering tenfold.

David Johansson (Ardagh Glass Limmared AB) & Decha Kling (Lutze Conveying Sweden AB)



Vigilantly keeping an eye on the market, we are always on the lookout for effective solutions to our clients' challenges. A promising product that had recently hit the market came to the attention of our team of conveyor specialists: idlers equipped with Ceralast ceramic support rings.

Confident that this innovative product could be interesting for the glass industry, we contacted Ardagh Glass in Limmared, Sweden, and set up a test case. Being in close contact with Ardagh Glass, we knew that they were suffering from extreme wear on their idlers and were throwing away and replacing dozens of idlers very frequently.

Severely damaged idlers hit the dustbin every 2 to 3 months



The issue at hand is around the use of conventional rubber rings on some of their conveyor installations. Glass fragments are persistently adhering to the return side of the conveyor belts, resulting in fast and severe damage to the rubber idlers. These glass flakes, destined for recycling and conversion into new bottles, are causing such rapid deterioration of the rollers that they require replacement every 2 to 3 months. Definitely an application in which the Ceralast ceramic rubber rings could be tested. In May 2022, the return idlers entirely sheathed in ceramic rubber rings were installed.

About 10 weeks after installation, first inspections were conducted to assess the performance of these ceramic rings in this demanding application. The results were clearly showing that there was no wearing visible yet on the idlers.

Fast forward to the present, 17 months after installation, a new inspection confirmed the impressive durability of these ceramic rings, which continue to remain in excellent condition. They have meanwhile outlasted the conventional rubber rings previously used, by a factor of five.

"The outcomes were nothing short of remarkable. The Ceralast rings still appear in good shape, exhibiting virtually no measurable wear. We anticipate that Ardagh Glass Limmared AB will be able to continue using these idlers for an additional 6 to 7 months," says Göran Eklund, Lutze Sales Manager for the Nordic countries, underlining the tremendous success of this solution.

Ceralast support rings, after 10 weeks in operation


Ceralast support rings, after 17 months in operation


"This particular kind of idler featuring ceramic support rings, had never been trialed within our facilities. When Lutze Conveying Sweden presented this solution to us, we were eager to test it. Today, we find ourselves pleasantly astonished by the results", remarked Mr. David Johansson from Ardagh Glass Limmared AB. "These idlers are proving to be exceptionally durable, outlasting the standard rubber idlers we previously employed by a staggering tenfold.”

“Taking into account both the procurement expenses of these new idlers and the maintenance time required for their replacement, we believe this could lead to a remarkable 70% reduction in the overall conveyor accessories costs to Ardagh", adds Göran Eklund.


Ceralast ceramic support rings

Ceralast support rings are made of a combination of ceramic and high-performance rubber resulting in back-up rings for extreme applications. The wear resistant special ceramic protects the back-up ring from abrasive media such as glass flakes in this Ardagh case but also quartz, stone, or metal.

With Ceralast ceramic support rings, significantly longer service lives are achieved. In the abrasion test (DIN4649), the Ceralast back-up ring shows no measurable abrasion. The ceramic is inseparably bonded to the rubber by a special process. The rubber core continues to guarantee good elasticity and damping.

Ceralast support rings different types (type 8704 in the middle)



Ceralast provides quite a lot of advantages

Besides the fact that there is no measurable abrasion on the rings, elasticity and cushioning remains extremely good. All of this results in a longer service life and consequently less maintenance downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Ceralast is a cost-saving solution in any application where highly abrasive materials are being handled. Among many others, iron ore and granite mining, glass recycling or slag conveying are typical applications in which Ceralast is performing to its best and provides customers fewer headaches.

Similar Ceralast rings are already in use in other applications too. Companies such as Arcelor and Tata use them in their steelworks and Enci in its cement factories where they process slag sand.


Es stehen fünf verschiedene Arten von Keramikstützringen mit den Durchmessern 63,5 mm, 89 mm und 108 mm zur Verfügung

About Ardagh Group and its Limmared factory

Ardagh Group is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging for brand owners around the world. The group operates 65 metal and glass production facilities in 16 countries, employing 20,000 people.

In the Limmared factory, Ardagh produces distinctive and innovative glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for brand owners around the world and offers a choice of almost 20 different colors. Approximately 1,5 million bottles are produced there every day.

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