Cooperation with TU Clausthal

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The first cooperation between the Clausthal University of Technology and Lutze Group enable Laila Pudewills to lay the groundwork for her master thesis at the Lutze Kunstofftechnik GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Meiners from the Institute of Polymer Materials and Plastic Engineering liked the possibility of a competent partner, who enables his students to get practical experience by provide an insight into Lutze's day-to-day business. Expecially the high production level at the Lutze Kunststofftechnik was ideal for the master's thesis: Process analysis and -optimization applied to an industrial plastics technology.

Everyone involved is pleased by the result of this first cooperation and are eager to extend it.
We wish Mrs. Pudewills all the best for her future career!

Photo (left to right): Adrian Lutze (management), Laila Pudewills, Axel Seeger (Marketing/public relations)